Monday, August 4, 2008

my weekends

One of the advantages of being a stay-at-home mother is that I have the luxury of avoiding the weekend crowds at the supermarket. I do most of my shopping during the weekdays when the children are in school. After dropping them off at the school gates, I would go to the supermarket and shop at leisure.
I hate going to the shopping centres during the weekend, so most of my weekends are spent at home with the children. The children do not enjoy shopping and would rather sleep in late and spend the rest of the day glued to the computer. I enjoy trying out new restaurants but most of the time, I prefer to go on a Friday evenings, where normally it would not be that crowded.
Mostly I would spend my weekends catching up on my household chores where the children will help me or tending to my little garden or baking or catching up on my reading.
Yesterday, being a Sunday we went out for dim sum in the morning, and i spent the afternoon baking. First I baked pizza for dinner, and then also a chicken floss Swiss roll and yes, i baked some egg tarts. All three recipes turned out quite successful although they were not that nice to look (by that, I mean nothing compared to what one would find in the shops). My children being the supportive guys were rather complimentary in their praises...
Well, according to them, the egg tarts tasted as good as the store bought ones!
I seldom try making pastry as i have never been too successful at them, but at least this time, I manage quite alrite, in that the pastry did roll out quite nicely, and did not cracked like some previous attempts.
The eggs I used for the filling were rather big so I ended up with too much egg tart filling. Steamed up the balance of the filling and chilled in the fridge. Have yet to taste the steamed eggs, so cant comment on how they tasted!

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