Thursday, August 21, 2008

still desperately seeking bear

FJ is still inconsolable and I have been desperately making enquiries on who would have a bear to spare. It has got to be the right bear, that is the cute little bear that Bata Msia imported in 2006 for their Bata Cares Campaign in aid of the National Cancer Society. At that time anybody who bought a pair of shoes could buy the bear for RM5/-, with the proceeds going to the society. I even contacted Bata HQ in Klang today, but disappointingly they did not have any left. I even begged their staff to ask around the office as to who might have one they would be willing to sell to me.
Today i was at Bata MidValley, one of their salesgirl had one, but regretfully she was not willing to sell it to me, even though I was willing to pay more than what she paid for the bear. I have even emailed the Cancer Society in the hope that they might have some left, but I guess they have more important things on their agenda than to reply to a mundane letter seeking a bear.
I am pretty confident that there must be plenty of the bears out there, as according to the Bata website, they brought in 10000 bears for the campaign which is certainly a lot of bears.
Have even gone to discussion boards on ebay seeking one, in the hope that a ebayer might have one that they might wish to sell.
FJ has even gone on to online forums looking for the bear, but so far has been unsuccessful.
Still it has been less 24 hours since we posted our search online, and I am still hopeful that somewhere out there, someone will have 1 such bear that they would be willing to give up for adoption. It would certainly be much loved and would be most welcomed by FJ.

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