Wednesday, August 27, 2008

a lead at last

Just receive an email from one of my leads. Told me to contact a certain someone at Bata HQ . Hopefully this contact will lead me somewhere, and that I will not be disappointed.
Hard to believe that it is so hard to find a bear, and I am not talking about the missing Cookie, but just a similar one to the one that FJ lost! Ebay is suppose to be the place that you can buy almost anything, but i have made countless searches using countless subjects but so far my search have been unsuccessful. I must have gone through countless ebay sales on bears, but so far no similar one has come up in my search. This is not just the past week, but I have been doing so for a few months since FJ expressed a desire to have the whole set. It is easier to look for fuwas than the bear!
Now I know how parents with a missing child feels. It must be frustrating to be pasting posters all over town looking for a lead on a missing child, and following leads from every message that comes in only to be disappointed again and again. Then are also the cruel people who would call saying that know where your missing child is and asking for a reward before they will let you know where your child is, and what about those crank calls. I would not want to imagine.

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