Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Missing FM and looking for Bear

Yesterday, was at KLIA to see FM off to Vancouver. Today, she has called back to say that she has arrived safely in Vancouver, and was on her way to Victoria, BC where she will be there for the next three years. As for me here, i am missing her already. I keep looking at the clock and wondering what she is doing at the moment. Yes, I have set a clock to Vancouver time, so that it makes it easier to figure out the local time in Vancouver, instead of doing mental calculations in my head.
Meanwhile, my search for Cookie continues. Have not really got any leads. A kind lady on a forum did give me a lead, only to be disappointed. Her friend did not find any bear in her store, so her friend has extended the search to her colleagues' home. Hopefully, this lead will not turn cold.
Niece Yiew Yiew has also printed out a picture of Cookie, and will circulate among her tuition mates in the hope that one of them will have one such bear.
Have also posted my quests on ebay and lelong.com.my, but so far have not got any leads.
CK has chipped in with his spot on comments. Commented that we are like looking for a missing child, the way we have been going about the search. But in a way, I guess I also miss Cookie very much, because the little bear has become a familiar feature around the house. FJ used to place it in front of this computer whenever she was in school, and I would be looking at it when I am at the computer!

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