Friday, August 29, 2008

Found at last ......the Bata bear

the Bata bear and friend at it's predecessor usual place

Yes, finally found the Bata bear. Well, somebody from Bata came across this blog about my search for the tiny bear, and circulated it among their office. And luckily for FJ, someone from Bata did have the bear, and was kind enough to give it to my daughter. Not only that, Cookie II (FM's name for the bear) came home with a little friend.
In the past one week that the bear went missing, had met many kindhearted people on online forums, etc who took the trouble to contact Bata outlets, and some even emailed me Bata's website and their HQ phone contact.
So thanks to all you wonderful people out there, esp Doreen who contacted her friend Jay from Bata Msia who agree to search their store but regretfully there were none left.
FJ is walking around with a big grin plastered on her face, and the find has definitely made her day.
My heartfelt thanks to the wonderful folks at Bata Malaysia who made it possible.
And to :
Datuk James Selvaraj (Marketing Manager of Bata):
FJ hereby solemnly promised to take good care of your bear, and to keep it safe and sound. She says a warm thank to you for giving her your bear, and also for the little companion that came with Cookie.

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