Saturday, August 9, 2008

claypot chicken rice

I still remember the first time i was introduced to claypot chicken rice as a small girl. It was at a restaurant near my childhood home, and was the only restaurant in the small town that I grew up in. I was only about 4 - 5 years old, and at that time I think i was more fascinated with the scoop they use for the cooked rice than the food itself. It was a giant Chinese soup spoon, and was the first time I had ever seen such a big Chinese soup spoon!
Since that time I have had countless clay pot rice, but somehow the first impression still remains. Its a simple one pot meal that I think you will be able to prepare for yourself. However, instead of a clay pot you can use a rice cooker or even the microwave.
Buy boneless chicken so there is no worry of bone fragments.

Ingredients :
2 cups of rice, wash and drained.
2 chicken thighs ( cut and marinated with soy sauce, oyster sauce ,dark soy sauce, & pepper). Chinese rice wine is optional.
3 - 4 dried mushroom, soaked and sliced
1 Chinese sausage, sliced

Place rice and mushroom in rice cooker. Add water and when water starts to boil, add chicken and sausage. Cook, and presto you have easy clay pot chicken rice.
Of cos, if you use a clay pot over a stove, you will have the nice crusty rice which you all love.

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