Wednesday, August 27, 2008

the search continues

Well, the search continues for one tiny bear. Its just incredible that despite there being 10000 bears in the market, nobody has come forward to say they might have a bear for adoption. Yes, I call it adoption not buying, sounds nicer. I suppose everybody love the tiny bear very much, and is quite reluctant to put it up for adoption.
FJ just asked me today, whether I receive any replies to my online quest, and sure hate to reply in the negative. Could see the disappointment on her face.
Some people might think i am crazy the way i go searching for the bear. Niece Mei was just telling me her friend says she is so dramatic like the 10.00 pm Ntv7 drama, which i have no idea what it is about since i hardly watches any tv drama. Seems in the drama, the character went online to look for a soft toy or something.
Note to self : will, look out for the tv drama tonight to see what it is all about.

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