Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Tissot - neither an electronic nor a mechanical fault

Have got a reply from the service centre, and the verdict is that it is neither an electronic nor a mechanical fault, so what is it. To quote their reply, " I hope you understand that your watch's defect is due to wear and tear, since nothing can last forever and your watch has been running non-stop for 3 and 1/2 years", which I feel doesn't explain anything, but only sidestep the issue. But isn't a watch supposed to run non-stop until the battery wears out.
According to them, the lifespan of the watch depends much on the habit of the wearer. So what would be the habit of a wearer to extend the lifespan. Isn't the ordinary mundane life of an everyday housewife suitable for their watches. In fact I only wear my watch when i go out for the day, which is seldom. Otherwise, it is left on my dresser.
I have been advised that a battery needs to be changed every 18 mths, even if it is still running. So what is the life span of a quartz battery. As with most people, I believe we would not change a watch battery if it is still running, or do someone beg to differ.
Anyway, it is a case of once bitten twice shy, and would i ever buy a watch from the Swatch group stable, the answer is a definite NO.
Or to quote hubby ,"Put it down to bad luck." Afterall out of the hundreds of watches at the dealer, I had to choose this one.

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