Thursday, August 7, 2008

Home made pizza

Not exactly Pizza Hut stuff, but then it is healthy as there is not so much oil involved. My oven do not have a upper fire, so I cant really get a nice toasty colour to the mozarella topping unless i bake for a longer while. The yellowy stuff is canned pineapples, my fave add ons to pizza!

One of my favorite bakes on a Sunday afternoon is pizza because then the children can eat as they go about their hobbies, and that means they do not really need to move away from their Maple Online game, which they are totally addicted to. If need be, I think they can produce a theses on Maple Story!
I am quite relaxed about their computer gaming, and am quite alright with it so long as it do not interfere with their studies and homework. At least with the computer they are at home instead of out on the streets creating mischief.
However, i insist they strike a balance and include other hobbies. All three loves to read, esp CK who is rather fond of books by Jeffrey Archer and Terry Pratchett. CK is reading Prisoner Of Birth by Jeffrey Archer, which i think is a valiant effort considering his tender 14 years. He has read all the Jeffrey Archer books, but to date I have only read one, and that is Twelve Red Herrings, though I was the one who introduced his books to CK.
On my pizza, previously i would prepare a tomato sauce base of tomato paste, onion, etc, but lately I have modified my recipe and use mayonnaise or thousand island. Much easier for me, as less preparation work.

My recipe for the pizza dough :
2 tsp instant yeast and 1 tsp sugar added to 100 ml water and set aside until frothy (10 mins)
500 g high protein flour
1 1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter
100 ml cold water
150 ml cold milk

Method :
1) Sift flour and salt into mixing bowl.
2) Add instant yeast, water and milk.
3) Use dough to mix together. Add in cold water. Knead dough until smooth and elastic.
4) Cover dough and proof until double in bulk (45 - 60 mins)
5) Punch down the dough then leave to rise again (about 30 mins)
6) Divide into equal portions, depending on the size of pizza you want.

Assembling the pizza :
This is up to individual taste. I normally spread some mayonnaise on the base, and then add whatever vegetable (bell pepper, onions) available and then some chicken ham or sausages.
Sprinkle with mozarella cheese and bake until done.

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