Saturday, August 23, 2008

when will bear be found

Still desperately looking for the bear. Have posted messages on forums, and on this blog, but looks like I or rather FJ is going to be bitterly disappointed. Today is FJ's birthday, but she has turned down other birthday gifts. All she wants is her bear, and if not her Cookie, another bear like Cookie will be ok. Actually, find it hard to understand why? A bear is a bear, but to her it has got to be that bear. Between her, FM and CK, I think they have got about 70 stuffed toys, but this is her favourite. The bear is quite small, about 6" only, but the bear has got a cheeky smirk, which I think is the reason why she is quite taken with the bear.
Yesterday, a lady on a forum responded to my request, telling me that her friend would search through her store room for one, but as yet she has not informed me whether she found the bear. Many kind strangers have responded, but none seems to have the bear or heard of the campaign.
Incredible, seeing there's got to be about 10000 bears around. I am prepared to pay more than what they paid for the bear, but maybe because it was for charity people are reluctant to sell for profit.
Still fervently hoping that someone, somewhere out there will have the bear. Actually, since it was for charity, i fondly believe there are many out there who would have bought it without really knowing what to do with the bear.

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