Monday, July 14, 2008

food saves the day

FM had to have a medical checkup for her visa application so we went to this clinic at City Sq. An x-ray was part of the procedure, we were told to proceed across the road to an x-ray clinic.
Went in and handed in our letter to the reception. Without even looking up or informing us on what we should do, the guy took our letter. Bewildered and not knowing what to do, we sat down and wait. About 5 mins. later, a man called FM's name and she went into the radiology room. After the x-ray, on inquiry, we were directed to a lady in a small room at the back, to ask on when the x-ray film would be available. Procedure done, we said our thanks and left. Disappointedly, we never receive any response such as a 'you are welcome' or a 'bye' from them. The whole experience was like visiting a govt. dept in the old days where the counter staff looks at you woodenly. As to it, we got a much friendly experience from our visit to the immigration department for our passport application.
From one square to another... We proceeded to Times Square for lunch. I rarely take KL taxis (scared, especially if I am alone), but that morning decided to take 1 as it was the simplest way to go from City Sq to Times Sq. Approached a taxi driver or rather he approached us, and he wanted RM20/- for the short ride to Times Square. Must be thinking we were not locals as we came out of the Crown Pricess. Told him to forget it, and walked further up the road to stop a taxi. The ride costs me RM 4/80, a quarter of what the first taxi driver wanted. No wonder, Malaysian taxi drivers have such a bad reputation.
Well, 2 rude experiences in just one morning.
Lunch was at Sek Hou, Times Sq. First time there, and decided to play it safe. FM had prawns with deep fried noodles in special sauce (looks and tasted like sang har sang meen), and I had la mian with chicken and mushroom in soup. Both was alright, though they could do with fresher prawns. Outlet looks like the typical outlet serving a combination of hongkie and local foods.
At least better than Food N Tea at the same place. Used to eat at Food N Tea, but did not enjoy our last two trips there, so decided to try another place. In fact was at Food N Tea last month, and the service was rather slow, and the red bean tongsui was not that fresh (a sour taste). Our food also took ages before arriving at our table.

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