Wednesday, July 9, 2008

pandan layer cake.

Baked a pandam layer cake and it looks like this. Its one of my favourite recipes, and it rather easy to make. This time I used prepacked coconut extract for the pandan topping as they said it would make a better looking topping, but after tasting it I think i prefer the topping made from fresh santan brought from the market.
I used sponge mix as the cake is not so crumby and is easier to cut into layers. However, for sponge mix I think you would need a kitchen machine to beat it (i uses a Kenwood Chef) at a high speed for the mixture to be thick and creamy. I was never able to get the mixture to rise properly when I used a hand mixer, or maybe it's only just my hand mixer.
The recipe goes like this :
For the sponge cake : 250 g sponge mix
5 eggs (I used grade AA)
60 g melted butter and cooled(i prefer butter
to corn oil as it tastes better
Method :
1) Beat the sponge mix and eggs at high speed (approx 10 mins using the kitchen machine)until thick and fluffy.
2) Add in the melted butter
3) Pour into a 9" dia. lined (base only) cake tin
4) Bake at 180 deg. C for about 30 mins until a cake skewer inserted into the cake comes out clean. Cool.
5) Cut into 4 layers when cooled.

Ingredients for the pandan layer topping :
Santan (1 coconut ) mixed with water to make 1080 g
270 g sugar (reduce the sugar if you dont want such a sweet topping)
2 tbsp instant jelly
95 g hoenkwe flour (use white color)
1 tsp pandan paste
Method :
1) Mix hoenkwe flour with 200 g of above santan mixture
2) Mix sugar and instant jelly. Add the santan mixture.
3) Bring to the boil, and add the hoenkwe flour mixture while stirring all the time. When mixture starts to thicken remove from stove.
4) Keep mixture in a pot of hot water to avoid it setting too fast.

Assembling the cake :
1) Put 1 layer of cake into a loose-based cake tin. (It helps to wrap the cake tin in a piece of aluminium foil so that the mixture does not leaks out.
2) Pour in a portion of the above topping.
3) Repeat the above, finishing with the santan topping.( You have got to work fast as the topping sets quite fast)
4) Cool and set in the fridge.

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