Tuesday, July 22, 2008

still griping about it

Yes, I am still griping about it. I still find it hard to accept that a Tissot watch which is supposed to be known for it quality would have moisture sipped into it after just 3 1/2 yrs. The service centre informed me that it would be due to an aging rubber gasket but i find it unacceptable that a rubber gasket would deteriorate in such a short period. The rubber gasket on my pressure gasket works just find after five years despite being subject to high heat and regular usage.
Was so disappointed that I emailed to Tissot, Switzerland to voice my disappointment but have yet to receive a reply.
Was at the shops looking at some new watches. The watch dealer recommended Tissot again, haha.. and was rather surprised when told of my experience. A Tissot is not supposed to have moisture sipping into it after just 3 yrs.
Another dealer suggested that i could have bought a fake watch, but then I did not buy it from a shop in Chinatown but from an authorised agent in Bukit Bintang Plaza. Come to think of it, I did sent the watch together with the warranty card back to The Swatch Group, KL for adjustment of the bracelet when i had it. I supposed at that time they would have noticed if it was a fake or not!
Anyway, saw some nice GC watches, but have yet to decide on the purchase, as once bitten twice shy, i am rather scared of swiss watches. Besides, the watches were selling rather cheaply, and being a layman i definitely do not know how to tell an original from a fake.
Saw some very cheap watches (RM10/-). Think I should follow some of my friends who buy these Rm10/- watches, and chucked them away once they stopped. Can have a new and fashionable watch every month.
Come to think of it, for the amount I paid for my Tissot I could have got 42 watches for 42 months (ie the time I have the Tissot) and still have spare change!
But to quote the watch dealer today ,"why buy a Mercedes, when a Kancil will do just as nicely! You buy the quality, mah!"

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