Monday, July 21, 2008

first the sewing machine, now my tissot watch

The past few months have made a big hole in my pocket, as one after another the things at home seem to need replacing or repairing! First to go was the sewing machine, but then after 19 years of quite heavy usage, I cannot complain. Replaced 1 Singer sewing machine with a newer model just before the New Year. The next to go was the Ariston washing machine, but I am not complaining either as the machine had served me quite faithfully for 18 years. One week later, the CCD on my Kodak CX6330 camera spoilt after just 4 years, and time for a replacement as I sort of cannot do without my camera. Bought 1 Olympus FE310 to replace my Kodak. Then my Kingston flash drive could not read after just 1 month, and it was back to the dealer again. Just got a free replacement drive today. Then the Instant water heater also gave up, but then after 18 years, I am not complaining either.
Then came last Saturday. As I was just preparing to go out discover my tissot (Belle) watch of just 3 1/2 years (to be exact I bought it on 18/1/05) was not working. Thought maybe was the battery, as after all the battery had never been replaced. So first thing today, hubby sent it back to the agent, ie Swatch Malaysia for a battery replacement only to discover that the problem was worst than a flat battery. Apparently, moisture had seeped into the circuit, and it would cost me RM210/- to change the circuit. Now the million dollar question, how could moisture have seeped into the circuit. I have never gone swimming with it( i dont know how to swim), taken a bath with it or got caught in the rain while wearing it. Wear and tear of the rubber gasket was the explanation from the agent, but after only 3+ years. My old Orient lasted me 14 years, and all I had to do was change the battery every 1 or 2 years. My intention was to purchase a Japanese model to replace my old Orient watch but I was persuaded by the dealer to buy a Swiss made Tissot watch, because of their reputation and quality, and the promise that a Tissot would last me a quite a while, but looks like I have been severely misleaded. A very disappointed me will have to hit the shops to shop for another watch, as I feel weird without a watch on my wrist, and I am definitely going to follow my instincts about buying a Japanese brand (like Seiko which was my original choice in 2005), and this time I am not going to listen to whatever the watch dealers tell me. In fact,I think I will walk out if the dealers should try to persuade me to buy a Swiss made watch.
Anyway, the children should be happy about it, as i sort of hinted that I that a Longines would be a welcome 60th birthday gift, haha. Now they can save their money, as I doubt i would want to own a Swiss made watch ever again. Feel very let down and disappointed.

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