Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tale of the water heater (now they call it a shower system)

My 18 yr old National instant water heater (before they change their brand name to Panasonic) was not heating as well as it should be.
So time to head to the shops again. There were many models available and equally as many opinions. Intended to purchase a Panasonic, as it looks rather modern and was quite slim looking compared to the other models. But found out that the lever switch was rather fragile, and unlike other models did not have any tanks inside, but only copper tubes, so might not be so efficient and water may not be that warm.
Other choices were from Joven, Cornell, EuroUno and Singer. The Singer heater costs (RM50/-)more compared to Joven and Cornell. The shopkeeper wanted Rm250/- for both the Joven 520 and the Cornell. Didn't quite like the EuroUno, so that was out.
By then was down to 2 choices - Joven and Cornell. The Joven was slimmer and smaller (less than A4 size paper) but the Cornell looks more like a shower heater (or rather what I have been used to). Much deliberations later, bought the Cornell.
The heater is up and running, quite warm even when switched to low. This is the first time I ever bought a Cornell product, and hope that it will lasts as long as my old National water heater

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