Saturday, December 6, 2008

washing the car

As I type this, the neighbour or rather the neighbour's maid is washing the family car again. What I fail to understand is why do they have to wash the car almost everyday. After all, the car will get dusty again once it is driven out on the road. Is it because water is free or is it because they have a maid and, of course, since the maid's wages have been paid, you have to work the poor maid to the bone... !!!???

Staying in the tropics, it rains quite often, and the rain does a good job of washing off the dust. OK, if one has to wash the car, do it fortnightly or if you have to, maybe once a week, but to do it is a plain waste of precious water!!!!

I have got to admit that I hardly washes my car. I only washes it when it gets really dirty as in i can draw pictures in the dust on the car body and that is every few months! Dirty windscreen in the meantime. Hardly ever, since the attendants at the petrol station are rather helpful and cleans it when I am there. Every few days, i just take out the carpets, give it a brisk shake and I am done with my car cleaning chores!


Sarah Jane said...

In my city, if someone sees someone else wasting that much water, we are encouraged to tattle on them! That is terrible about your neighbor but I bet it IS because the maid has a flat salary and they think they might as well squeeze out every last drop.
And to make you feel better (maybe), my cars get washed as often as yours do!

Everyday Housewife said...

Sarah Jane,
Unfortunately, there is no Save Water Campaign here, so if i tattle on them, the authorities will not pay heed to my complaints. Living in a tropical country where it rains almost every other day, regretfully, conserving water is very low on the agenda.