Monday, December 15, 2008

Pancakes with shredded chicken

Pancake with seafood (pix from Joy of Making Dimsum)

Pancake with shredded chicken (pix from Joy of Making Dimsum)

Dear FM,
Now that finals are over, thought you might be interested in trying out this recipe. Reminds me of the California Rolls that we used to make.
Actually, its a combination of 2 recipes, one is a pancake with shredded chicken, and the other seafood in an omelet roll. Think it will be interesting to combine the two recipes, though I have listed the ingredients for both the shredded chicken roll and also the seafood roll for you.
Going to make this for dinner tonight. FJ will love it, as she loves pancakes!

Ingredients for the pancake batter :

300 g plain flour
1 tsp baking powder
50 g sugar
2 eggs
350 ml water

Method :

1) Mix ingredients for batter into a smooth batter. Let it stand for 30 minutes.
2) Heat up non-stick pan and oil with some margarine. Add in a scoop of batter and cook pancake until brown on both sides.
3) Fold pancake into a cone shape and fill up with filling.

Ingredients for filling with shredded chicken :
100 g shredded chicken
100 g shredded cucumber
100 g shredded lettuce
100 g sliced tomatoes

Ingredients for seafood filling :

shredded cucumber
shredded carrot
shredded lettuce
enoki mushroom

salad dressing ) mix together
mayonnaise )

Method :
Place seafood filling on pancake. Add in the salad dressing and mayonnaise. Roll into cone shape. Serve with mayonnaise.

BTW, i found the two recipes in Joy of Making Dim Sum by Patsie Cheong. Have got many interesting recipes in there. Another recipe you would be interested will be the pan fried dumpling. Saw the pix of the dumpling you made. Looks delicious!


Vivienne said...

Hello there, those pancakes look SENSATIONAL. Did you take the picture from the ones you made or from the internet?

I've tagged you, not sure how you feel about these games but I will know for future reference if you like them or not. ;)

Game - pros and cons about yourself?
I keep seeing meme's (don't know what that is so I've just called it game on my blog) on other people's blogs. You tag each other and it's so much fun. So I'm going to try one out myself! Hopefully it'll work! So here goes.

Tell me three good things about yourself and three bad things about yourself. Post it on your own blog and tag people. So this way I will get to know your good and bad traits! :)

1 - I'm a great listener.
2 - I'm quite funny.
3 - I don't judge people.

1 - Bad temper (at times).
2 - I don't like people touching my things....
3 - I am easy to tease.

I am tagging the following people:

Hektiklyfe -

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Danny (with a Y can I just add :) -

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Now, any others I haven't tagged is because I'm not quite sure whether you'd like this game in general (as I've never seen meme's on your blogs) or where I'm sure you'd hate it - like AV :)

Everyday Housewife said...

The pancake that i made from the recipe, tasted great, but did not look so nice. If i had used the pix that i took of the pancake, nobody would be interested in trying out the recipe. So I had to use the pix from the book. My daughter says the pancake that I made looked more like spring roll wrappers, and nothing like the pancakes in the book!

Everyday Housewife said...

Cant think of 3 good points about myself(in case people think I am egoistic), so have not gone round to responding to your meme. Really sorry, but I don't think I have that many friends to tag, since you have already tagged all those I can think of.

Vivienne said...

dont' worry about it :)

spring roll wrappers sound delicious as well!! ;)