Monday, September 8, 2008

strawberry mousse cake

strawberry mousse cake for FJ's birthday n to celebrate cookie ii homecoming

I have not bought a birthday cake for quite a while, and every year for the children's birthday, i would bake a special cake for them. For FM, it will be a chocolate cake, CK likes an orange flavoured cake, while for FJ who loves strawberries, it has to be a cake with a strawberry flavour. After so many years, it has become a challenge to come up with new cakes, so before their birthdays come around, i will go through my recipe collection or go online to search for new types of cakes. Once i baked a cake and tried using sugar paste, but the children did not like the taste. So now it is mostly whipping cream, ganache or jelly. I would like to try marzipan, but it is so expensive!
We postponed celebrating FJ's birthday this year because of the missing bear, and she was in no mood to celebrate. After finding Cookie II last week, I baked this cake for FJ as a belated birthday cake.
The actual cake is a raspberry yoghurt cheese cake which I found online at , but I changed it to a strawberry mousse cake, and left out the cheese part.

Ingredients :
1 slice of 9" dia. chocolate sponge cake (as the base)

Strawberry mousse:
2 tbsp gelatin powder
110 ml water
150 g strawberry jam
1 tsp strawberry paste
150 g strawberry yoghurt
250 g non dairy whipping cream

Method :
1) Double boil the gelatin, water, and strawberry jam until dissolved. Cool to room temperature.
2) Whip whipping cream until soft peaks form. Add in yoghurt and gelatin mixture. Mix well.
3) Place sponge cake in 9" dia. spring form cake tin.
4) Pour mousse on top of spongecake, and chill.

Topping :
100 g strawberry jam
20 g sugar
200 g water
2 tbsp gelatin

Method :
Double boil all the ingredients till dissolved. Chill to room temp. and pour on top of mousse.
Chill for a few hours before serving.

I only had 1 tbsp of gelatin left, so I halved the ingredients. That is why I only had a thin layer of topping on top of the mousse.

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