Friday, September 12, 2008

my first oven

Baking has always been a passion of mine, and is something which I enjoy all the time. The first cake that i ever baked was queen cakes in home science class. Another cake that i learn to bake in home science class was a Victoria sponge cake, i.e a simple sponge cake using only eggs, sugar and flour, and sandwiched with jam.
My first oven was like a metal black box(butterfly brand) that you place over a charcoal or gas stove, but i never managed to bake any cakes as i did not know how to manage the oven temperature which is crucial for baking cakes. I only managed to bake simple cookies in that oven, and even that I was not very successful. So i used to envy my friend's mother who could bake lovely cookies and cakes using the simple black oven.
My next oven was a gas oven which my brother bought for me as a birthday present. In it I use to bake basic butter cakes or cookies. When niece Andrea was small, she enjoy blowing out birthday candles, so whenever I bake a cake I would have to place some candles on top of it for her to blow before I would be allowed to cut up the cake.
When i got married and moved into my own home, my first purchase was a Zanussi gas oven. It has since been replaced with a Europa gas oven. But I only use the gas oven for baking cakes and not roasting meats as I hate cleaning up the splatter after roasting. For roasting chicken or cha siew, I would rather use a turbo broiler, even though I may not get as nice roasts as in an oven. Or, I would use a small electric oven which i guess is easier to clean than the gas oven.

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