Sunday, September 7, 2008

internet connection driving me bonkers

Have not been able to post anything the last few days as the Internet connection was not stable. Been like this for quite a while, but most of the time if i reset the router by switching off and on again the modem, it would stabilise and I cant recall the many times I have complained to tmnet. Every time I complained, the excuse was that my connection was the problem, in the sense that I was running the modem and telephone on parallel lines, and that I need to split from the incoming socket, whatever they meant, and refused to look into the matter further. Fed up of their excuses, hubby decided to rerun and change the telephone cabling. Well the problem persisted and this time i did not even had an Internet connection, so had to call telekom again, and insisted that they looked into the problem again. Stayed home to wait for them, but nobody turned up. While waiting, the connection came on again!
Well, got the connection up and running again, not that good either, but hopefully, i can stay connected!!

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