Sunday, November 9, 2008

warming up the car engine?????

Just came in from outside where I was once again blasted for a full 10 minutes with exhaust fumes. One might think that I am staying right in the middle of the city, but then that is not the case, as I am staying 10 km away from the city in a leafy suburban housing estate, and I was standing in the compound of my house.
The noxious blast came from a neighbour's car. I just cannot understand why some people needs to warm up their cars before driving...we are talking about later models and not a 30 - 40 yr old model. ...and the car is not left idle but is driven for many hours daily. This is the same guy who left his car engine running with his toddler and pregnant wife standing behind the car.

Much has been written about carbon footprints and how we should try to reduce our carbon footprints and save precious petrol, and on the other hand there are people like this who insist on warming up their cars a few times daily (!!!), and starting the air conditioning 10 mins before to cool down the car before driving off, or leave the car idling with the air-conditioner on to cool down.

Out of curiosity, I once ask a neighbour why they had to warm up the car for so long as the exhaust fumes was getting into my home..and the answer I got - " so that Minyak lagi sedap" (so that the petrol would be more tasty) - , and I was thinking, "are they going to drink the oil"!


Small Footprints said...

Change seems to come so slowly, especially when it relates to the environment ... or even our own health. So many things seem obvious to me but ... not so to others. I suppose we all become "enlightened" at different rates and for those of us who already "get it", we need to find ways to share the message ... and we need patience.

Perhaps your question to the neighbor will plant the seed in his mind that it's not necessary to let an engine warm up.

I've written an article on the subject. If you read it, be sure to scroll down to the comments because there is additional information there.

Take Care!

Small Footprints

Everyday Housewife said...

In fact, have told him, but he said his car has a different type of engine which needs to be totally warmed up before it can be driven. Whatever it is, I know that the exhaust pipe noise (even the exhaust pipe has been modified) and the fumes are hard to bear. The person involved is not uninformed but a young man late '20s and educated abroad!